Facial Aesthetics Spa

Facial Treatments

Scherl Dermatology offers medical-grade facial and skin treatments from our highly-trained medical aesthetician Nancy Desics. These treatments can be used in combination with other medical or cosmetic procedures offered in our office.

Teen Treatment

30 minutes $65 

The Teen Treatment helps adolescents put their best face forward with clearer skin. It features a thorough cleaning, exfoliation, extraction and bacteria fighting method to target breakouts resulting from stress, sports, and growing up. A perfect compliment to dermatological treatments, medications, and regimens. 

Signature Facial 

60 Minutes $85 

The Signature Facial begins with thorough analysis of the skin followed by customized treatments including double blease, exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask and finishing products such as toner moisturizer and sunscreen. Results: refreshed, hydrated skin.


Specialty Facial 

60 Minutes $110 

Customizable to treat dullness, agin, acne or pigmentation concerns, the Speciality Facial offers the same benefits of Signature Facial with the addition of potent serums and a light, symptom-appropriate peel with little to no downtime. Results: skin that is clean and glowing. 

Fascia Firming Facial

60 Minutes $120 

This facial utilizes the age-old technique of gua sha to gently pass over meridian channels of the face, neck and decollete. The jade stone massage tool reaches the lower levels of connective tissue, or facia, improving blood flow. Results: reduced puffiness and sculpted facial contours. 

Cryocell Facial

60 Minutes $125 

A medium frequency device that infuses moisture into the skin with either a warming energy to create more supple skin or a cold energy to reduce redness and irritation. A fantastic post laser or resurfacing companion treatment. Results: smoothed, deeply hydrated skin. 

Advanced Treatments: 

O2Jet Clear Peel

60 Minutes $125 

A pore cleansing powerhouse, the Jet Peel uses a high powered steam of purified water and oxygen to effectively yet gently exfoliate and flush enlarged, clogged pores. The power washing is followed by a micronized serum infusion. Results: glowing, clean skin. 


DT2 Microabrasion 

45-60 Minutes $200 

The medical grade microdermabrasion device with diamond-coated tip allows for a precision exfoliation that polishes away the uppermost layer of skin. Enhanced suction strength makes DT2 superior for resurfacing the face and body. Results: smoother, more radiant complexion with fewer fine lines and reduced acne scarring. 

Add: Signature Facial $50 

DT2 Hydrodermabrasion 

45-60 Minutes $225 

Take your diamond tip microdermabrasion to the next level by combining it with a hydro wand that resurfaces as it infuses a customized serum. Serums can include hyaluronic acid for dryness, multiacid + vitamins for brightness or salicylic or glycolic acids for acne. Results: targeted resurfacing with customized treatment benefits. 

Add: Signature Facial $50 


60 Minutes $125 

Dermaplaning involves the manual removal of dead skin and vellus facial hair to reveal a fresher complexion. Treatment can also be combined with a light facial peel to accentuate your new glow. Results: vivid, brighter skin. 

Add:  Peel $25 

Crystal Tip Microdermabrasion 

60 Minutes $125 

Light, chemical-free gentle microdermabrasion. The process removes epidermal dry, dull skin. Results: smoother canvas with refined pores. 


60 Minutes $325-$500 

Forma uses radiofrequency power that flows uniformly into the skin. Radiofrequency energy heats the skin, stimulating a thermal contraction for tightening and the formation of new collagen. Results; Tighter, more plump skin with optimized circulation. 

Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments 

Eyelash Lift $85 

Eyelash Lift lifts lashes and creates an intense, wide-eyed look. The lift gives a U-shaped curl and makes lashes look significantly longer and fuller. 

Lash Tint $40 

Lash Lift & Tint $115 

Brow Tint $35 

A new and innovative brow color enhancement. The treatment lasts for 3 weeks and is available in 7 different colors which can be mixed to provide customizable shades. Adds rich color and depth to lackluster or grey eyebrows. 

Brow  & Lash Tint $70 

Brown & Last Tint + Lash Lift $115